30 Indoor Activities Easy To Do During Quarantine

indoor activities easy to do during quarantine

COVID-19, this new Coronavirus that affects all countries in the world, is forcing the various states to take restrictive measures. We are advised to stay at home and avoid contact with other people as much as possible. We’re not going to lie to ourselves; containment is a bit boring. So here are 30 activities to do at home to avoid boredom.

1. Hanging out on social networks

We didn’t wait for the lockdown to spend our lives on social networks. But a good laugh, thanks to a tweet, is already better than putting up with your little brother’s bad jokes. Avoid coronavirus jokes.

2. Creating content for social networks

Now that you have a little more time, you can have fun making more posts. Why don’t you improvise a photoshoot? Turn your room into a studio. You’ll have plenty of photos to post. Make videos, Tik Tok’s.

3. telecommuting

Anyway, your boss will never let you hang around in this quarantine, so chances are you’re working from home.

4. Netflix

No, but logical! The time we were looking for to catch up on all the series we couldn’t finish is here. Let us enjoy it! What more could you ask for than a marathon of films with your darling and/or family?

5. Cleaning up

Come on! Are you going to tell me you haven’t thought about it? The cobwebs on the wall, the dust on the bookcase, doesn’t that mean anything to you? This lockdown is the perfect opportunity for a cleanup. But a real one! The kind of cleaning where you move the chairs, cleans the floor, the windows, and even the cutlery that you only take out once a year. You should use coronavirus antibody products.

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